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BOD Committee Members:

• President: Cheryl Bartholomew BSN, RN, CWOCN
• V.P.: Donna Rositani, BSN, CWOCN
• Secretary: Terry Renteria, BSN, RN, CWOCN
• Treasurer: Deborah Zaricor RN CWOCN
• Education Coordinator: Daphne Weiland, BSN, RN, CWOCN
• Membership Coordinator: Daniel Zimmerman, RN, BSN, PHN, CWOCN
• Public Relations Coordinator/Government Affairs: Linda Morawek RN BSN CWCN
• Communications Coordinator: Jennifer Reynolds, RN, MSN, CWOCN, CFCN
• Parliamentarian: Cathy Melter RN MSN CWOCN
• Ways & Means: Armida Lucas, RN, CWOCN
• Historian: Evonne Fowler, RN, CWOCN
• Scholarship: Candace Miller RN CWOCN


. As 2011 comes to a close, I wish each and every one of you a very happy and healthy holiday season. Our Pacific Coast Region continues to maintain a 400+ member roster and I applaud your individual dedication to your patients, the nursing profession, and our specialties year after year.

2012 will be ushered in with the addition of our four newly-elected officers:

Donna Rositani as Vice President
Deborah Zaricor as Treasurer
Daniel Zimmerman as Membership Chair
Linda Morawek as Public Relations Chair

Congratulations to the new officers, who will officially assume their positions at the Transition Board Meeting in January! A note of “Thanks” also goes to outgoing Membership chair, Marilee Katz (who has relocated to Indiana), and our webmaster, Ande, for a successful on-line voting process!

Daphne Weiland, Education chair, and her committee have been working hard putting together another quality conference in Napa in February. Daphne, however, managed to take a little time out to give birth to a beautiful daughter, Olivia, in October!

Voting on Bylaws revisions. Be there to make your vote count!
Gene Galindo Memorial Fund. Hear more at conference!

See you next year! In the meantime, Peace to all of you!
Cheryl Bartholomew, President, PCR-WOCN


Nominations are now open for awards. Please go onto the web site and submit an application for an award to deborahzaricor@yahoo.com by December 31st 2011


Conference 2012

The objectives of this year’s conference are:

Understand the WOCN’s role and impact in the lives of ostomy patients.

Understand the role and impact of oxygen-free radicals on wound healing.

Describe assessment findings for atypical ulcers due to pathologies such as non-atherosclerotic ischemia, inflammation, and carcinoma.

Identify two milestones in the journey that changed pressure ulcer prevention from being solely a quality initiative in your practice setting and identify your role in providing seamless transitions of care for patients with pressure ulcers

Understand the updates in FDA approved treatments for urinary incontinence.

Understand causes of fecal incontinence and sexual dysfunction especially as it relates to post-surgical complications and describe new and up to date information on recent advances in the surgical management of fecal incontinence.

For further information and to register please go to the Conference section


June 9-13, 2012
Charlotte, North Carolina
Please go to the national web site for further information


Youth rally PCR has a scholarship for anyone who would like to be a counselor or you can volunteer and pay your on way. For more information you can go to their web site at www.rally4youth.org. You can also obtain information at info@rally4youth.org and ehiltabidel@charter.net


East Bay Support Group…

The East Bay support group meets 4 times a year at Katy’s Kreek Restaurant in Walnut Creek. Our meetings for 2012 will be February 21, May 15 August 21 and November 13*. Anyone is welcome to attend. We share interesting cases, review new products and network. Contact Marie Ward at mbwclaire@aol.com.

Inland Empire Support Group…

The Inland Empire Group meets at Kaiser Fontana in the Palm Court building every other month on the third Thursday of the month from 2:00 to 4:00. You can contact Phyllis McGinnis at (909)427-3288 or Charlotte Lisco (909)427-7890. Submitted by Phyllis McGinnis

L.A. Support Group…

The Los Angeles group meets every other month on the 3rd Thursday of the month with July being dark. We meet at UCLA Medical Center and Linda Roof RN CWOCN puts the meeting together. We meet for rolls, fruit and coffee @ 7:30 AM. Each meeting we have a rep from a different company discussing their newest products for information contact Linda Roof at lroof@mednet.ucla.edu

Reno Support Group…

The Reno support group invites you to any of our meeting, Contact Betty Razor if you are in the area for date and time of the local meeting. The 2011change to only dinner meeting caused some difficulties; therefore the schedule for 2012 is a combination of winter luncheon meetings with dinner meeting during the warmer months when it stay light longer. All meetings are at the Artisan’s conference room at the Renown Regional Medical Complex.

The monthly meeting dates have been scheduled for 2012 and all sponsorships slots filled within three days. What great reps we have in Northern Nevada. We have two new reps and look forward to meeting them: Joy Lee (Hollister), Mike Erives (Healthpoint) Marilee Katz (Renown RMC) moved to Indiana to be near family; she has left a huge hole in the WOCN services at Renown and in the support group. Lynn Johnson is looking for another FT WOCN.

Betty Razor Has retired her position as Nevada Nurses Association/District One president and will continue as coordinator for the Reno WOCN Support group and with Patty Manavbasi (St. Mary’s MC) will co-chair. Lori Schultz has assisted with the paper work for the CEUs in Betty’s absences. Terry Ditton is FINALLY moving to Australia either in March or May 2012. Nikki Miller returned from 3 weeks in Italy, Greece, Croatia and Turkey. The trip was a celebration of her 60th birthday and surrounded with family and friends. Nikki remains at the VA in Primary Care as the instant resource for wound care.

Jennifer Lee has returned from ETNEP and is looking for a part-time position. Judy Villarreal has retired and wishes her well. Mary Beaty, WOCN who worked in the San Gabriel Valley in So. Calif died in November 2011. She expressed her gratitude for all the kindness and friendship from her fellow WOCN friends and wanted everyone informed. For more information regarding the Reno Support Group you can contact: etbetty@sbcglobal.net

Orange County Support Group…

The OC group meets approximately every other month is a centrally located restaurant. We typically have a vendor presentation and always have a very festive holiday party. If you would like any further information regarding the next meeting please contact Fran Boughey at ETFran@aol.com

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