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BOD Committee Members:

• President: Joyce Moss, BSN, RN, MN, CWS

• V.P.: Judy Harwood, BS, RN, PHN, CWOCN

• Secretary: Kathy Jo Musgraves, BSN, CWOCN

• Treasurer: Donna Rositani, BSN, CWOCN

• Education Coordinator: Elisabeth Harvey, RN, MSN, CWOCN

• Membership Coordinator: Denise Barton, CWCN, BSN, RN

• Public Relations Coordinator: Susan A. Schardt, RN, CWCN, CWS

• Communications Coordinator: Julie Lindfors, RN, CWCCN

• Parliamentarian: Fran Boughey, RN, CWCN, COCN

• Ways & Means: Marie Ward, RN, MSN< CWOCN • Government Affairs: Marilyn Magoffin, RN, CWOCN, FNP • Historian: Cecelia Arthur, RN, CWOCN STATE OF PCR • All BOD positions are currently filled but talk to Denise Barton (Membership Chair) or Patti Michel-Evleth (Nominations) if you have an interest in running for future offices - PCR NEEDS YOU • The Ethics Chair will remain vacant as approved by the membership in October; if ethical issues develop, PCR will consult with WOCN Ethics Committee, WOCN-BOD, or WOCN president • Funding for at least one BOD member to attend NALA (Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy) was approved by the membership • 2009 will be the last year that PCR will sponsor 2 conferences; beginning 2010, PCR will sponsor 1 annual conference • Timely Topics is now available online only • Funds are available to assist Peer Groups in making projects or community services a reality - criteria/application available on the PCR web site • The Fall Conference was a great success with over 80 attendees and 16 First Time Attendees - thank you Liz Harvey for a great job • Thanks to your commitment PCR continues to grow and remains a financially sound organization Congratulations to Julie Lindfors for receiving the President's Award for her outstanding work with the PCR website. Congratulations are also in order to Evonne Fowler for receiving the Nurse of the Year Award for her endless contributions to WOC nursing and her continued support of PCR. These stars are just a few on the many stars in PCR. Don't forget to recognize your peers for their tireless efforts and contributions to WOC nursing 2008 was a good year for PCR but we're embarking on another year. I have enjoyed working with each of you and look forward to bigger and better accomplishments in 2009. All things are possible with faith and your continued support! Have a great year! NEWS FROM OUR LOCAL AFFILIATES AND MEMBERS... Northern California Quality summit... The premier of the Northern California Quality Summit presented by Barton Healthcare System in October was a success! 59 attendees from eight Northern California hospitals participated. The South Lake Tahoe Summit was designed with the smaller, rural hospital in mind. In these uncertain economic times with limited personnel and resources it is not necessary or productive to re-invent the wheel. CWOCN Mary Lou Jenkins from Lodi Memorial, Helen Levasseur from Marshall Medical Center and Karen Wilson from Barton Healthcare System shared their Pressure Ulcer Prevention strategies that have been tried and work within their systems. The new CMS regulations were the focus for the pressure ulcer prevention sessions. Mary Lou presented Lodi Memorial's wound program with recent minor changes and the addition of a part-time person to monitor compliance. Helen discussed the development and growth of Marshall's four year old wound program and strategies for pressure ulcer prevention. Karen completed the session by sharing the challenges and successes of Barton's newly developed PUP Program. Hope to see you next year and hear your stories of success. East Bay Support Group... Peer Support Group meets in Walnut Creek at Kathy Kreek Restaurant 1670 Locust St., Walnut Creek, CA 94596. Our goal is to meet four times a year and is the resurrected peer support group that use to meet at the Holiday Inn in Emeryville. We've had 2 meetings so far this year, in April & August. KCI discussed the new VAC & Celleration discussed Mist Therapy in August. Come share your ideas, everyone is welcome whether they're a member of PCR or not! For more information email Marie Ward at mbwclaire@aol.com. L.A. Support Group... The Los Angeles group meets every other month on the 3rd Weds of the month. We meet at UCLA and Linda Roof and Dane (WOCN for UCLA) put together the meeting. The WOCN's who usually attend are the WOCN's from Cedars, Northridge Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, West L.A. veteran V.A., UCLA Santa Monica, Tarzana Hospital and Best Home Health and an independent WOCN. We meet for rolls, fruit and coffee. Each meeting we have a rep from a different company discussing their newest products. The last meeting we were in UCLA's new Hospital that UCLA just built and Convatec brought their CMS representative. We had a PowerPoint presentation on the new regulations for the CMS guidelines and how Present on Admission will affect our reimbursement and what will be needed for documentation. It is always nice to meet so that we can network and stay current within our specialty. Our next meeting will be November 20th at 7:30 AM. Deborah Zaricor, RN, CWOCN logo70-70-70 and still counting To people who asked - a too brief summary! Twenty-one folks from 7 states assembled in Springfield, OH at the Hampton Inn on October 24th. Such an eclectic and immediately congenial and cohesive group you have rarely seen. There was plenty to link them all together. Our 3 children were there. My brother, his son Rob, and his first wife, Martha, participated too. We prepared a handout with "introductions" so people would know how to talk to others about things in common. Two friends Jim and Jacquie Hawkins from Leadville CO, who were riding with us, decided to participate. They added so much. We loved having one of the employees of the bicycle shop, where the bikes were rented for the folks who flew in, ride with us. The 50-year-old group had a particularly marvelous time. They were in the majority. The weather on Friday was abominable - wind, rain, dark, cold, ghastly. I knew it would not rain on the 25th. It dawned sunny and about 42Á. There was quite a breeze to dry the leaves. That made the trail safer. We cycled from Springfield to Milford, OH 70+ miles. Almost everyone finished the whole thing. John Jeter got lost and had to be fetched from near Dayton. My brother John would cycle awhile and get in the car awhile. He rode in the last 7 miles. One other fellow rode maybe 10 miles and spent the rest of the time in the car. Otherwise, we all finished strong and happy and had a whale of a catered dinner and party that night back in Springfield. The SAGs were superb, headed up by the Ride Commander, Col. John R. Jeter, Jr. There were 6 rest stops along the way and they were there with energy bars and beverages. A lovely lady from near Columbus, who is a friend of my grad school classmate who rode, offered to do lunch. At the halfway point she set up a table with tablecloth, centerpiece, apples in a basket, yummy homemade sandwiches, brownies she had made and more. logo Experienced cyclists in the group said it was the prettiest trail they had ever been on. Most of the time we had the Little Miami River in view on our right. At the end a dear friend surprised me with his presence and he had made a blue finish banner that was held across the trail. Many riders on the way and at the finish wanted to know what the party was all about. Everyone loved telling them. Thanks to Hammer nutritional products before during and after, I could have done another 30 miles. It would have goten dark though! I did the 70 miles in 5 hours and 50 minutes. I could have done it in about 5ü hours but I dropped back often to ride with my "cycling coach" who is on a hand cycle and can't go very fast. I was not sore, stiff, or tired. I took full advantage of the hot tub when we returned to the Hampton Inn, but didn't even take ibuprofen that night or the next day. It has been a splendid year with many spiritual gifts. It turned out to be a sacred pilgrimage rather than simply a sporting event. So many people offered so many kindnesses. I have loved writing the thank you notes to the more than 600 people who contributed. As of tonight we have raised $86,333. Nearly $60,000 of that total went to the Yellow Ribbon Fund and the remainder when to the Cancer Caring House at the Shaw Regional Cancer Center in Edwards, CO. Thank you for your part in an astounding achievement and a birthday celebration of epic proportion! Blessings, KJ PCR spring scholarship winners... Congratulations to Kathleen Kehmna, & Richard Schneider who both received $1500 from the WOCN General Fund this Spring. For additional information on available scholarships, please visit our website at pcr.org Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy (NALA) update from Denise Barton logo I became interested in NALA because I was a new Board Member with PCR and had no idea what I was doing. I had heard NALA was about how to conduct yourself on a board, what your role is and what you should expect from the other board members. The Nursing Alliance Leadership Academy holds a conference once a year in August. This year it was held in the charming city of Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich. But, never mind about the food, you probably want to know more about the conference. The topics ranged from "The Inspiration of Board Service", "Optimizing Your Board Role and Responsibilities", "Developing Future Leaders", and "Framework for Legal and Financial Stewardship", just to name a few. I know you're probably thinking, "but I ëm not on a board, why would I benefit from this kind of conference?" I am here to tell you, if you work with people in any capacity or have any amount of responsibility in your job or life, you will benefit from this conference. What I took from NALA was life changing. I learned how to be a better person though looking at leadership styles. About a year ago I took a job that put me in charge of six people. I had no idea how to lead my fellow employees. I came back from NALA with a renewed empowerment and a new look on my role as supervisor, wife, and teacher. So, if you need a boost I say go to NALA!

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