Strategic Plan 2016-2020

A major motivation for developing the strategic plan is the Board’s recognition of the need to more effectively position PCR to respond to rapid and dynamic changes in nursing and healthcare. PCR plans to raise its profile within the medical and general communities and make a strong case for the value of WOC nursing services. PCR’s mission and future plans can only be achieved with the support of our members.

Increase awareness of PCR’s mission and the value of WOCN service

  • Increase PCR presence at health and community fairs, ads in selected publications and educating public officials
  • Submit content to “In It For You.”
  • Assess member opinions and concerns through surveys.
  • Create a Facebook and LinkedIn page for Pacific Coast Region and enlist followers.

Enhance networking opportunities for patients, nurses, and other professionals.

  •  Improve web site by expanding its links to other nursing and health organizations and seek reciprocal links on their websites.
  • Expand ‘patient button’ to direct patients quickly and easily to resource information and web links.
  • Include links to National WOCN Website for Best Practice Fact Sheets
  • Include link for Public Policy Tool Box
  • Include links for patients to National WOCN Website
  • UOAA to be removed and add Youth Rally on the PCR Website

Enhance the value of the WOCN – PCR educational experience

  • Offer incentives to conference attendees
  • Continue use of online registration for conferences
  • Increase conference attendance to 25% of active members
  • Increase awareness of PCR members regarding scholarships available to them and nurses seeking to become a WOC nurse
    • Gene Galindo Fund
    • PCR’s WOC nurse scholarship
    • Youth Rally Counselor
    • Posting the Gene Galindo Memorial Fund on the National WOCN ostomy forum

Increase Active and Associate membership in PCR – 650 members by 2020

  • Sponsor newcomer recognition and activities at conferences
  • Promote attendance at PCR Social at National Conference
  • President or delegate attend the break out sessions at National (New Attendees and New WOC nurse) to meet WOC nurses from our region and welcome them. Give out packet of information on PCR.
  • Contact local peer group coordinators to help boost membership and participation for regional conferences.
  • Strengthen the Mentor Program
  • Strengthen relationships with Peer Support Groups through email, phone, site visits from BOD members
  • Offer new graduates (having graduated in last 12 months) from WOC educational program and all students reduced conference fee
  • Have PCR Booth at the WOCN National Conference to educate attendees on the value of membership in PCR through WOCN.

Make the structural and functional changes necessary to implement the strategic plan. PCR’s mission and future plans can only be achieved with the support of our members.

  • Annual evaluation of Policy and Procedure, Process Documents and keeping By-Laws according to WOCN National requirements
  • Send out survey to membership to locate those interested in local or regional service.
  • Nurture those that express interest in leadership positions. Encourage their participation in a committee, helping at PCR conference, volunteering to man the PCR booth at the WOCN National Conference.
  • At yearly PCR conference have speakers providing content that encourage evidence-based practice and research.
  • Promote use of Evidenced-Based fact sheets which are available on WOCN website

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