Scholarship Winners

Winners of the 2020 PCR Scholarship

  1. Matthew Lee, Wound and Ostomy $1,000.00
  2. Carey Webster, Advance Practice $5,000.00

Winners of the 2019 PCR Scholarships

  1. Kimberley Ensor, Wound, Ostomy and Continence, $1,500.00
  2. Daniela White, Wound and Ostomy, $1,000.00
  3. Shakram Eskandarnejad, Wound and Ostomy, $1,000.00
  4. Tess Aberg, Wound, $500.00

Recipient of the Gene Galindo Memorial Award 2019

Estrella (Star) Harrison, was awarded $500 for her proposal to use the award money to use the pre-established evaluation criteria, to work with an ostomate to develop lifestyle classes for the ostomy community in the San Diego area. She calls the class Ostomy 101 and it includes topics such as leakage, peristomal skin irritation, ostomy supplies, tips for wardrobes, going back to work, swimming, travel, exercise and intimacy. Star plans to use the Gene Galindo fund for room rental, printing posters, postcards, flyers, maintain the website and eventually develop a webinar platform for expansion. The target audience is pre-op and post-op patients and their caregivers and/or family members along with interested clinicians.

Recipient of the Youth Rally Sponsorship 2019

Kylie MyMath

Winners of the 2018 PCR Scholarships

  1. Debra Sawyer, Wound, Ostomy and Continence, $1,500
  2. Leora Dominguez, Wound and Ostomy, $1,000
  3. Rose Veneracion, Continence, $500

Recipient of the Gene Galindo Memorial Award 2018

Jennifer Lee, was awarded $500 for her proposal to use the award money to bring Eric Polsinelli, ileostomate and founder of the website Vegan Ostomy, to the UOAA meeting in Reno on October 25, 2018. The presentation will focus on practical advice to empower and enhance quality of life for ostomy patients and to educate medical personnel to best treat these patients in a holistic manner. The target audience is ostomates and their caregivers and families, nurses and nursing students and medical providers.

Recipient of the Youth Rally Sponsorship 2018

Maureen Dwyer

Winners of the 2017 PCR Scholarships

1. Sarah Parker, Wound, Ostomy and Continence, $1,500.00
2. Wenn Madigan,  Wound, Ostomy and Continence, $1,500.00
3. Emily Arellano,  Wound, Ostomy and Continence, $1,500.00
4. Melissa Stroud, Wound and Ostomy, $1000.00
5. Jessica Smith, Wound and Ostomy,  $500.00

Recipient of the Gene Galindo Memorial Award 2017

Donna Rositani received the Gene Galindo Award for 2017 for her proposal to use the $500.00 to increase the number of patients seen in the stoma clinic at the UOAA Conference in Irvine, California, August 22-26, 2017.  Donnas’ goal is to not have to turn any ostomate away from the clinic which has been the issue in past UOAA conferences.

Winners of the 2016 PCR Scholarship

The PCR would like to thank the Los Angeles chapter of the UOAA for their generous donation. With those funds applied towards the ostomy scope, we were able to award the following individuals this year.

1. Jolie Marshall: wound & ostomy: $1000
2. Melinda Henry: wound, ostomy, & continence: $ 1500
3. Emma Tyrell: ostomy: $ 500
4. Rhonda Walker: wound & ostomy: $ 1000
5. Beth Kivo: wound, ostomy, & continence: $ 1500
6. Megan Coletto: wound & ostomy: $ 1000
7. Cynthia Barbo: wound, ostomy, & continence: $ 1500
8. Sook-Hee Hwang: wound, ostomy, & continence:  1500

Recipient of the Gene Galindo Memorial Award 2016

Sandra Lee Hartman – the committee recommends that applicant Sandra Lee Hartman be awarded $400 for her proposal to present an education day for teaching comprehensive ostomy care to a target audience of personal care companions and nurses aides (also nurses). Her program was very well outlined with clear objectives, content, and evaluation.

Recipient of the Youth Rally Sponsorship 2016

Dee Walters

Winners of the 2015 PCR Scholarship

1. Cynthia Wilford, wound, ostomy and continence: $1500.00
2. David Buffum, wound and ostomy: $1000.00
3. Zhanna Naroditskaya, wound: $500.00

Recipient of the Gene Galindo Memorial Award 2015

Melissa has received $400.00 from the Gene Galindo Memorial fund to help achieve her goals of improving the lives of ostomates.

Previous Winners of the Gene Galindo Memorial Award

2013 – Janet Stoia Davis – Ostomy Clinic
2013 – Cynthia P. Shephard – PocketWOC
2012 – Donna Lehker, provide excess ostomy products indigent and homeless ostomates.
2012 – Zoe Mann, Community Ostomy Education Day for ostomates.
2012 – Judy Stasuk, enhance and grow the newly established local ostomy support group.

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