PCR WOC Scholarship

PCR WOC Scholarship Policy


In 2013, the Pacific Coast Region (PCR) established a scholarship to support Wound, Ostomy, Continence nursing education. This scholarship will help provide financial support to qualified individuals to promote WOC education. The total amount of monetary awards per year will be $6,000. Preference will be given to applicants seeking the full scope of WOC practice education.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Seeking education in wound, ostomy and/or continence nursing care.
  2. Proof of one of the following:
    • Acceptance to a WOCN-accredited Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nursing Education program (WOCNNEP).
    •  Current enrollment in a WOCN-accredited WOCNEP.
    • Certificate of completion from a WOCN-accredited WOCNEP, within 1 year of graduation.
  3. Reside in the Pacific Coast Region area.

Distribution Criteria

  1. $1,500 will be awarded per full scope education program (Wound, Ostomy & Continence).
  2. $500 will be awarded per Course (Wound or Ostomy or Continence) up to a total of $1,500 per applicant.
  3. In the event a recipient is unable to utilize the award as acknowledged in the signed Terms & Agreement, all monies shall be returned to the Pacific Coast Region Treasurer within 45 days.

Application Procedure

  1. Applications will be accepted beginning January 1st of each calendar year. All completed applications must be received by Pacific Coast Region by March 31st each year.
    PCR-WOC-Scholarship-Application (MS Word Doc format)
  2. All applications shall be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. Recommendations for distribution shall be provided to the PCR Board of Directors for approval no later than May 15 of the award year.
  3. For each applicant receiving an award, a signed acknowledgement of the Terms & Agreement shall be placed on file with the PCR Treasurer; it shall be the responsibility of the PCR Treasurer to ensure a signed copy is received before the Treasurer releases the funds.
    Download the Release Agreement Form (MS Word Doc format)
  4. Awards will be based on the merit of the application.
    PCR WOC Scoring Criteria (MS Word Doc format)
  5. Three satisfactory letters of recommendation from professional associates who have known the applicant for at least one year. (One from a current employer is preferred)
  6. Letter from applicant of 500 words or less discussing reasons for pursuing education in a WOCN-accredited Wound, Ostomy or Continence Nursing Education Program and how they feel they will make a difference.
  7. The PCR Secretary shall maintain a perpetual list of recipients.
  8. We expect active membership in WOCN and PCR for PCR WOC Scholarship winners

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