Awards and Criteria

Awards and Criteria for Nomination:

Nominations for PCR awards may be done at any time throughout the year. Awards are announced and presented at the Annual PCR conference. All nominees meeting the criteria for a specific award will receive a certificate of recognition.

Nominations are due by January 31st of each year. CLICK HERE to be directed to the nominations form.

You may either scroll down to review awards information or click the links below to open in Word doc format:

  1. WOC Nurse of the Year
  2. Rising Star/Rookie of the Year
  3. Outstanding Rep of the Year
  4. Outstanding Manufacturer/Distributor of the Year
  5. President’s Award
  6. Lifetime Achievement Award
  7. Continence Care Leadership Award

I. WOC Nurse of the Year Award

The WOC Nurse of the Year award is established to recognize a colleague who exemplifies excellence in WOC Nursing via contributions to mentorship, professional and patient education, or excellence in research or writing. An individual who meets the general criteria listed below AND who also meets the criteria for the focus area may be nominated for this award. The recipient will be selected according to the following criteria:

General Criteria:

  1. Nominee must be a member of PCR for a minimum of 2 years
  2. Nominee must attend at least one regional meeting a year
  3. Nominee must be board certified, (WOCNCB)
  4. Nominee practices WOC Nursing with 50% of time in direct patient care related to WOC Nursing
  5. The nominee must also meet the criteria for ONE of the following focus areas:
    Mentorship, Patient Education, Professional Education and/or Excellence in Writing/Research.

Mentorship Focus

One of the most important reasons for belonging to a professional organization is personal and professional growth. This takes place through formal education, but also as seasoned members nurture and guide colleagues. Mentors are established professionals who realize the value of experience and provide leadership to less experienced colleagues, in the form of caring, concern and direction. Nominees for the WOC Nurse of the Year may be recognized for their generosity and dedication to WOC Nursing by extending themselves far beyond the demands of their employment positions to give of themselves to their colleagues.

Criteria for Nomination:

The nominee must meet the general criteria and must demonstrate their support of WOC Nursing as exhibited by three of the following:

  • Assists another member in the development of a formal educational offering for nursing staff or WOC colleagues
  • Assists another member in the development of a professional poster presentation, research paper or an article submitted for publication, permitting the “student” to be the primary author and establish themself in the professional community
  • Provides instruction to a colleague regarding issues related to successful marketing or management of his/her career as a WOC Nurse
  • Serves as a preceptor for a community based nursing program or WOC Nursing Education Program
  • Consistently shares career growth information with colleagues
  • Assists a colleague in the development of a program, materials or other project, which permits the “student” to be recognized
  • Is available to answer questions and provide support
  • Teaches new skills or knowledge on a 1-to-1 basis with the “student”.

Professional Education Focus

Education for WOC practice must keep pace with evolving scientific knowledge and the standards influencing the development, application, and evaluation of our practice. WOC nurses who demonstrate exemplary qualities in professional education, both to peers and other healthcare professionals may be recognized for contributions.

Criteria for Nomination:

The nominee must meet the general criteria listed above and demonstrate sound organizational skills and well-articulated knowledge base; presents information in an engaging manner with appropriate audio-visual tools; states and meets clear objectives for presentations; and provide outstanding professional education that addresses the following needs:

  1. To create new approaches to nursing problems
  2. To increase the healthcare professional’s competence (knowledge & skills) to enhance the quality of patient care
  3. To stay updated on evidence-based practice
  4. To promote the positive image of our profession to the healthcare community.

Patient Education Focus

Patient teaching is an important part of WOC Nursing, involving interpersonal interactions in trusting relationships between the patient and nurse. Nominations will be considered for WOC Nurses who meet the general criteria for WOC Nurse of the Year and who demonstrate exemplary contributions to patient education via one of the following criteria:

Criteria for Nomination:

The nominee must either:

  1. develop an original instructional material or teaching method that meets a special need within the scope of WOC Nursing, (example: videos, models, posters, pamphlets, booklets, handouts, etc.)


  2. have given educational presentations to lay people related to a topic within the scope of WOC Nurse practice, (example: health fairs, lectures at support groups, or participation in wellness programs, etc.)

Excellence in Writing or Research Focus

The WOC Nurse of the Year nominee may be recognized for excellence in original or contributionsss to professional writing or research. Excellence in writing or research encompasses writing articles for publication, creating posters for presentation or research surrounding wound, ostomy or continence issues. To nominate an individual for WOC Nurse of the Year with a focus on writing/research, submit the nomination form with 1 copy of the manuscript/research article or poster to the PCR Public Relations Coordinator.

Criteria for nomination:

  • Nominees for the award must be named as primary or secondary author on the manuscript, poster or research project.
  • The manuscript/research article must be published or accepted for publication, or the poster must be accepted for presentation at a professional conference. The manuscript, research article or poster will be judged on the following criteria:
    • Relevance & significance of contribution to WOC Nursing practice
    • Originality
    • Validity
    • Writing style

II. Rising Star Award

The members of PCR realize that being new in a field of nursing presents some significant challenges. Breaking into a field and being successful is no easy task. There are however, outstanding new WOC Nurses who possess such a commitment to their new roles that they far exceed the expectations of their employers or colleagues within a very short time. These WOC Nurses are our future leaders. They are the “Rising Stars” of our organization. The PCR wishes to recognize the effort and dedication this entails with our “Rising Star Award”.

Criteria for Nomination:

  • Be in attendance at 1 regional meeting per calendar year.
  • Hold certification as WOC Nurse and be an active member of the PCR, or at time of nomination, have graduated from a WOC Nurse Education program within 24 months.
  • Perform at least 50% of their duties in direct patient care.
  • The nominee must have completed one of the following nine achievements:
    1. Developed a formal educational offering for nursing staff or nursing colleagues
    2. Developed a professional poster presentation, accepted for display at any National Conference
    3. Written a research paper (not part of the WOC Education Program) or an article submitted for and accepted for publication in a professional journal, of which the Rising Star was the primary author
    4. Developed a program, materials or other project which positively elevates the healthcare community’s awareness of and/or respect for WOC Nursing as a specialty
    5. Participates in a formal Clinical Product Trial for a manufacturer or research project for a colleague
    6. Developed, and managed an interdisciplinary team in the acute, sub-acute, long-term care, or home care environment for the management of wound, ostomy, and/or continence care
    7. Established or actively participates in a community-based support group for patients suffering from diseases or impairments secondary to our area of expertise
    8. Developed and promoted a community-oriented newsletter, web page or equivalent, for the promotion of well being of our target patient population.

III. Outstanding Rep Award

In performing the administrative and clinical functions of their positions, members of the Pacific Coast Region of the WOCNS work closely with independent representatives as well as representatives of product manufacturers. As WOC Nurses, we realize that to be successful in our practices, we rely heavily on our representatives who provide various types of support, from product information to educational literature. Many of our representatives go “above and beyond” the requirements of their jobs to offer extra support and encouragement to our members. It is our desire to recognize those representatives and provide them with a token of our appreciation. A limit of one Representative per calendar year may receive a plaque and be recognized as PCR’s Representative of the Year.

Criteria for Nomination:

The Representative is supportive of WOC Nursing, exhibited by at least three (3) of the following:

  • Assists a member in the education of nursing staff
  • Assists PCR/WOCNS in the education of WOC Nurses
  • Provides the association or members with information related to opportunities in the community
  • Is respectful of the WOC Nurse’s position within her/his working environment
  • Assists WOC Nurses in obtaining technical information in a timely manner with excellent follow-through
  • Demonstrated dependability, is on time for appointments
  • Participates actively (not financially) in fund raising efforts
  • Is respectful of other representatives and products emphasizing the positive qualities of his/her product without criticizing competitors
  • Assists WOC Nurses to develop posters or supports other research projects.

IV. Outstanding Manufacturer/Distributor Award

Members of the PCR work closely with Manufacturers/Distributors to perform the administrative and clinical functions of their positions. As WOC Nurses, we realize that to be successful in our practices, we rely heavily on Manufacturers/Distributors who provide various types of support, such as the development and distribution of tools to make our jobs more efficient, financial backing for educational programs, and assistance with fundraisers. We also appreciate their willingness to be present at our meetings and to keep us updated on the latest products and services. It is our desire to recognize those Manufacturers and Distributors who go out of their way to assist us in our everyday tasks by providing them with a token of our appreciation.

Criteria for Nomination:

Manufacturer or Distributor:

  1. Must be in attendance at one regional meeting per year.
  2. Is supportive of WOC Nursing, exhibited by two of the following:
    • Assists members by providing tools for the education of general nursing staff
    • Assists PCR by providing materials which promote the continued education of WOC Nurses
    • Utilizes WOC Nurses in the development or evaluation of products which contribute to the well being of our patients
    • Is respectful of the WOC Nurse’s position within her/his working environment
    • Promotes evidence-based product production and distribution
    • Demonstrates that they value their representative’s contributions to their company’s success.

V. President’s Award

The PCR President, our professional organization’s leader, is granted the opportunity to recognize and award a PCR member who has contributed significantly to PCR or WOC Nursing, in general.

Criteria for selection:

The Presidential Award recipient is someone who:

  1. Volunteers above expectations
  2. Actively contributes to PCR business
  3. Has made a significant contribution to WOC Nursing or PCR
  4. Demonstrates excellence in leadership
  5. Is actively involved in sharing and communicating expertise through:
    • Leadership – acts proactively for leadership development
    • Participation in scholarly and research activities such as presentations, posters, abstracts, etc.
    • Professional development by a) establishing a practice setting in a previously undeveloped setting or area; b) sharing clinical expertise through education; c) serving as clinical preceptor; d) is considered a professional role model.

Award Process:

  1. Nomination is by PCR Board of Directors only.
  2. Not open for nomination by general membership (general membership may make suggestion to any board member).
  3. The President of PCR determines recipient.

VI. Lifetime Achievement Award

The specialty of WOC Nursing has been established for decades. Occasionally, there is a colleague who has surpassed the standard in terms of their contributions to the organization. In order to give special recognition to a colleague with a Lifetime of Achievement in WOC Nursing, PCR will periodically present this prestigious award to an individual, who by virtue of experience and contribution to PCR/WOCN and the society of WOC Nurses have clearly demonstrated a lifetime of accomplishments in the field.

Criteria for Nomination:

  1. Must be a WOC Nurse and an Active or Retired Active member of PCR;
  2. Must have practiced WOC Nursing for more than one decade;
  3. Has participated in PCR in various capacities, either formally on the Board of Directors, or informally supporting the organization in other capacities;
  4. Has demonstrated contributions to WOC Nursing in a variety of forms, including mentorship, education, writing and research or other significant contributions to the care of WOC patients.

Continence Care Leadership Award

Attention to Detail. Attention to Life. Continence Care Leadership Award was initiated in 2007 and made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from Hollister Inc. This award recognizes a member of the WOCN society who has made a significant and outstanding contribution to urinary and fecal continence care in one or all of the following areas: as an educator, a researcher or in clinical practice.

The award will consist of a monetary award in the amount of $2,500 plus travel expenses to attend the WOCN awards ceremony at the annual conference.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The nominee must be a current member of WOCN for a minimum of five years
  • Nominee must be recognized nationally as an expert in continence care
  • Nominee have a sustained record of leadership and achievement in continence care
  • Nominee’s contributions and work have had a significant positive impact on continence education, research and or practice

Application Requirements:

  • Completed nomination form
  • Nominee’s CV or resume
  • One letter of recommendation that demonstrates the outstanding contribution as an educator, a researcher or in clinical practice in urinary continence care and bowel management.
  • Self nominations will be accepted

Review & Recognition Process:

  • Only one winner will be awarded annually and the award winner will be selected through a nomination process to the WOCN Society.
  • The WOCN Scholarship Committee will review the submitted nominations and submit a final recommendation to the WOCN Board for approval.
  • Nominations will remain confidential and may be carried over to the following year if not awarded.

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