The Pacific Coast Region (PCR) of the Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society (WOCN) strives to ensure that all wound, ostomy, and continence patients in California and Nevada receive the highest quality of nursing care. PCR is a recognized and respected leader in providing care and advocating for wound, ostomy, and continence patients within the region.

The organization had its humble beginning in May 1973 when an enthusiastic group of 14 enterostomal therapists (ET’s) met for the first time to articulate the early development of a formal ostomy education program for nurses. The second meeting by the founding members in October 1973 began the organizational development of PCR International Association for Enterstomal Therapy, Inc. with a focus on fostering high standards of stomal therapy, promoting professional and educational advancement of ET practitioners and promoting optimal care and rehabilitation for ostomates. PCR was incorporated June 21, 1979 in California. In 1994 the name was changed to PCR-WOCN.

The following leaders, as president of the organization, have guided PCR from its modest beginning of 25 members in 1974 to 511 members in 2015:

Katherine Jeter & Rosemary Watt 1974
Rosemary Watt 1974-1976
Ted Smith 1976-1977
Gerry Cameron 1977-1979
Eunice Gaskell 1980-1983
Lani Kinimaka 1984-1986
Gladys Frey 1986-1988
Betty Razor 1988-1992
Barbara Bates-Jensen 1992-1996
Mary Sears 1996-2000
Kelle Herrick 2000-
Jo Ellen Miller 2000-2002
Judy Papen 2003-2006
Joyce Moss 2007-2010
Cheryl Bartholomew 2011-2012
Lisa Foster 2013-2015
Donna Rositani  2015-2017

Susan Foster (Past President)           2017-2019

Current President: Linda Reynolds (2019-)

PCR is a volunteer organization of dedicated WOC practitioners that continue to strive for perfection in the care of wound, ostomy and continence patients. The organization provides support for members through conferences, scholarships, and sponsorships in a variety of areas.


The MISSION of Pacific Coast Region-Wound, Ostomy, Contintnce Nurses Society is to promote the highest quality wound, ostomy and continence care for patients in California and Nevada

We accomplish the mission by:

  • Providing leadership in establishing and advocating for standards of wound, ostomy, and continence care.
  • Mentoring WOC nurses who desire skill development in specific areas, to be guided by experienced mentors as they implement their individual plans.
  • Promoting ethical standards of practice in our membership.
  • Providing a program of education to members, nursing communities, the general public, and health care institutions on the roles of WOC nurses and the special skills and knowledge required
  • Providing and recognizing the level of expertise designated by certification in wound, ostomy, and/or continence care within the community
  • Partnering with organizations and institutions to reach nurses in practice and in training who may be interested in becoming a Wound Ostomy Continent nurse.
  • Lending educational and practical expertise to patient support groups
  • Advocating on behalf of patients, members and medical professionals on issues affecting the care of wound, ostomy and continence patients

The Values, Beliefs and Assumptions that govern our day-to-day performance and decision-making:

  • Our members demonstrate utmost integrity and expertise in providing high quality patient care by adhering to WOCN standards and placing the patient’s health and well being first.
  • We believe that wound, ostomy, and continence patients benefit the most when they receive timely care from a professional healthcare practitioner who has been trained in a WOCN accredited professional educational program to deliver the highest quality service
  • We believe that continuing education and certification of PCR-WOCN members is the best way to assure the highest quality patient care.
  • We assume patients expect to be treated by a nurse educated and skilled in providing wound, ostomy and continence care.
  • We believe skill-building is a continuing process and through PCR-WOCN educational programs and seminars, nurses who care for patients with wound, ostomy, and continence issues advance their learning and improve their skills.
  • We believe more general and specialty nurses are needed to meet current and future healthcare demands


The Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurses Society, Pacific Coast Region is the recognized and respected leader in providing and advocating for wound, ostomy and continence nursing care in California and Nevada.


  • WOCN-PCR’s standards of practice are uniformly understood and accepted within the California and Nevada health care communities and uniformly applied by all who care for patients with wound, ostomy, and continence issues.


  • WOCN-PCR partners with other health care organizations to advocate for quality and cost-effective healthcare on behalf of WOC nurses and wound, ostomy and continence patients in California and Nevada.


  • WOCN-PCR members promote the benefits of selecting the WOC specialty. Please visit the National WOCN website for additional information here: Click Here for Member Benefits


  • WOCN-PCR offers conferences and educational programs that are well-organized, high quality,and affordable.
  • The general public is informed about wound, ostomy and continence issues through WOCN-PCR educational programs, website and peer support groups.


  • An operational accountability system is in place to track, measure, and evaluate organizational goals and objectives.
  • A well-organized and accountable financial resource management system generates sufficient resources to carry out the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • WOCN-PCR image is well-known and respected in the health care community and the general public.




  • WOCN-PCR members treat patients with dignity, love and care.


  • WOCN-PCR members are experts at providing quality care to wound, ostomy and continence patients


  • WOCN-PCR members offer a specialty service to the community


  • WOCN-PCR members maintain the highest ethical practices

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