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WOCN-PCR Vice President Report (Jan - Feb 2007)
Message From the President (February)
Ostomy Association of Los Angeles (OALA) is back
BOD Message February
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WOCN-PCR Vice President Report

January - February 2007

General information

  • Peer Group website last updated 2/8/07
  • Scholarship Grid last updated 3/22/2007
  • Peer Group Update

UOAA (United Ostomy Association of America)

Youth Rally

  • Youth Rally scheduled at University of Coloradat Boulder July 7-11, 2007I
  • Rally sponsorship/donation form available (see attached)
  • Counselor registration form available at www.rally4youth.org
  • PCR has increased its donation to $3000 per year for the Youth Rally
  • Youth Rally Medical Chair is Liz Hiltabidel at

Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI)

  • 2 applicants awarded PCR-NIWI scholarship. One applicant (Lynn Whitney-Caglia) unable to attend due to family crisis - will need follow-up regarding scholarship funds

Mentorship Program

  • Mentor Program and Mentor Survey last updated 12/31/2006)

Government Affairs (GA)

Message From the President

February, 2007

I'm settling in my new position - much to do but with your help we will accomplish much.

. Spring conference in Napa, CA on March 15 & 16, 2007. Great speakers, Wine Train trip and the unveiling of the 2007-2011 Strategic Plan. DON'T MISS IT.

. We have two NIWI scholarship winners: Lynne Whitney-Caglia and Nancy Gustafson for 2007. We are very proud of both applicants and look forward to their feedback to our organization. Additionally, Karen Rekos of San Diego won a WOCN scholarship for nursing education and Michelle Burdette-Taylor of San Diego won a WOCN scholarship for advanced education.

. The 2007 Youth Rally is scheduled for July 7-11 at the University of Colorado, Boulder Colorado. The applications for campers & counselors are available at www.rally4youth.org. Don't forget PCR provides a sponsorship for Youth Rally Counselors - check the PCR web site under Youth Rally link.

. The Get Your Guts in Gear (GYGIG) starts this year in Texas, March 23-25; New York, June 8-10; and Seattle, August 3-5 - helps to empower people with Cohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Applications and information available at www.ibdride.org.

. WOCN Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah from June 9-13, 2007. A great conference is planned. PCR will host a networking get-together on Saturday, June 9 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm - all members are invited and I look forward to shaking each members hand and listening to your suggestions. Check the website for the invitation and notify Susan if you plan to attend.
Every conference has its fun parts and work parts - we are in need of volunteers to help cover the PCR booth at the national conference. Please contact Mary Anne Dilloway (Ways & Means Chairperson) or Susan Schardt (Public Relations Coordinator) to volunteer - I'll be there and look forward to seeing you - Check the web site.

. Welcome to the newest members of the 2007 Board of Directors: Katy Musgraves the new Secretary and Elizabeth Harvey the new Education Coordinator. We are still in need of a Vice President and other positions - please contact Denise Matranga the Nominations Chairperson - PCR NEEDS YOU.


. Great Job Judy Papen - we will miss Judy but Florida is getting a great leader.

Thanks for your support,
Joyce Moss
President WOCN-PCR

Ostomy Association of Los Angeles (OALA) is back

The OALA is back after being dormant for years. So you (and your patients) should know we exist in general...

OALA provides free services to ostomates (and their families and friends) in the greater Los Angeles area. Formed over 50 years ago, the main goal is to provide support and education to people who've had ostomy surgery. Although we do NOT provide direct medical assistance, we do have access to the physicians and nurses who specialize in this area. They work with us to provide the appropriate information, assistance and guidance as needed and requested.

OALA offers support meetings, product fairs (to meet the product company representatives who teach us about new products and often offer free samples), trained visitors (who give one-on-one support and information to those in hospitals or home, who are "new" otomates), and we help ostomates realize they re NOT ALONE, and that life not only continues, but also is often a fresh start, i.e. they now have renewed good health after sometimes battling a longtime debilitating disease, etc.

If you require any additional information about this meeting or our organization in general, please contact OALA President: Bob Hamburg at rvhumbug@aol.com

BOD Message February

Well my head is slightly above water and I can now deal with some PCR business. I have decided to submit my dissertation in September not a lot of time but nuch better than April - the big difference is I won't find out until May 2008 - I can live with that.
We have a few things to take care of:

Attached is final copy of plan, mission, vision, & value statements PLEASE REVIEW AND APPROVE OR DISAPPROVE. I would like to present the approved copy to the membership in Napa

It has been suggested having member list available at conferences for each member to review & update when signing in
Verify with WOCN about accuracy of list
Followup on dropped members - why did they drop

See attached and make comments for changes - the 2 teleconferences are scheduled if we need then. BOD reports are due Q2months - Please include comments on your budget (where are you in your spending, on/off target/explain) and strategic plan (what have you done and what do you plan for the next 2 months). I'm requesting a summary report anytime between 12/15-31 - this is an pverview of your accomplishments (use your process document & strategic plan to complete this task) - this information will help us as an organization to evaluate our function as a board at the next Transition Mtg

Waiting to confrim room & time for the meeting - looks like a Friday - the agenda is limited so the meeting may last only 2 hours but I will plan for 4 hours - please add you agenda items

Approval of Minutes
Old Business

  • VP - Still trying to talk with Liz unsuccessful thus far
  • Updating Membership List
New Business
  • Consider BOD member attending Nursing Alliance Leadership Conference in August - this was a wonderful experience for me - let's consider this a budget item for 2008
  • Nominations closed
  • Awards Nominations
  • Comments on Annual Financial Report

Approval of Minutes (October)
Old Business

  • Report of Survey
  • Strategic Plan. Mission, Vision & ValuesTreasurer's Report (Donna unable to attend) any volunteers othrwise I will present
    Government Affairs Update (Marilyn)
    New Business

Officers Corner

Welcome to the Officers Corner. My name is Marie Ward and I am your new Education Coordinator for 2005-2007. We just had a stimulating program at the Hilton in Reno, Nevada on March 11 and 12. We enjoyed a great lecture on Incontinence by Marilyn-Lu Webb PhD, CCCN, CNP. We explored the American Indian culture with Marlis Langi RN.MS, APN-c and their ways of relating with health care professionals . Lastly we were inspired by Betty Razor, past president of the PCR, with the opportunities for growth and making a difference in the health care arena.

calendar Please mark your calendars for October 6, 7, and 8, 2005 for the Fall Symposium at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Foster City. Foster City is located only a short distance from San Francisco Airport. The hotel has a shuttle bus to get you to the hotel. We have begun to line up and excellent group of speakers including Courtney Lyder from the University of Virginia a national speaker who addresses Health Economics. We have speakers on legal considerations and wound care, fecal incontinence and much more. So mark your calendars for October 6-8 in Foster City.

I have gotten a few calls from WOCN nurses who are going to recertify by the PROFESSIONAL GROWTH PROGRAM. What this means is that they are not going to be taking the exam in the three areas but rather are going to submit a detailed accounting of the various programs that they have attended over the past 5 years plus many other requirements. PLEASE keep your syllabus and everything that you were given at the PCR programs so you have the name of the topics and speakers and their credentials. It is your responsibility. If you have questions regarding this method of recertifying , contact Kathy Meyer, WOCNED Certification Coordinator at 888- 496-2622 or www.wocncb.org.

chart We are in the beginning stages of planning the March 2006 meeting for Carmel, Ca. It should be a beautiful venue to have our Spring Meeting. If you haven't ever visited Carmel you are in for a wonderful treat with its charming homes, great shopping and restful atmosphere. So plan ahead to join us and make it part of your vacation for 2006.

Lastly. please let me know what you want to hear, where you want to have your conferences, and I will do my very best for PCR and you!